“All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong , but like it a little stronger with each year that passes.”
–George Orwell (via tinyteabag)
Autumn window

Autumn window

romantic evening photo of my cat Miszon (https://www.facebook.com/miszonek) with heather

romantic evening photo of my cat Miszon (https://www.facebook.com/miszonek) with heather

Today incoming.
One with the Harlequin Cat is from Tuscany from my parents.
Three postcards from Geneva, Minsk and Koblenz was sent by my friend from Switzerland.

Half of my August’s plan done - five postcards sent!

Today incoming from Bea (http://beascookbook.blogspot.co.uk/).
“Greeting from England!”

August snailmail challange

So, I decide to answer all my letters this month and also send 10 postcards.
I’ve already have 3 addresses from this event - https://www.facebook.com/events/726370457421618/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming (check it!)
and I want to ask for 2 or 3 more from Postcrossing. So, there are 5 more left, so if you want a card from me, send me your address:)

PS. I will send card only to five people, sorry guys, stamps are not getting cheaper:(

Report from harvest of my first yellow zucchini.

First zucchini!